Many beginners ask what they should know before attempting to surf. Below we have listed our top 7 things to know before learning how to surf in order to make it easier for you. We are a surf school in Cape Town and offer surf lessons for all ages.

You need to be a competent swimmer

Surfing in the ocean is relatively safe, however it is still an unpredictable sport. If you want to stay as safe as possible when surfing make sure you are a competent swimmer and never surf at a beach you wouldn’t feel comfortable swimming at.

A very important tip for anyone to know before learning how to surf is to never be fully reliant on your equipment. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind whenever paddling out as surfing is an unpredictable sport and you never know when a leash or surfboard could break leaving you to swim in to shore without the support of any equipment.

The right equipment can make learning to surf much easier

When learning how to surf it is important that you have the right equipment. Firstly a wetsuit if it is needed in the area that you will be surfing. Most areas require a different thickness wetsuit so it is best to ask a local surf shop or surf school what is best. Alternatively, if you are learning how to surf in Cape Town you can contact us for more information on this subject.

The right surfboard for learning how to surf is also extremely important for beginners. You should look for a longer surfboard with more foam under the chest in order to make catching your first wave and standing up a much easier experience. If your board is the wrong shape it can put you off surfing forever.

Always warm-up before the paddle out

Warming up and stretching before learning how to surf is so important to stay loose and minimise the chances of injury. A solid warm-up before surfing helps to increase mobility and stay injury-free, this is why you see many pros and other advanced surfers stretching before they paddle out for a surf.

Make sure your surfboard is waxed

A very important thing to keep in mind is the waxing of a surfboard. The wax is what you put on the top of a surfboard in order to give you grip when standing. Most areas need a different kind of wax depending on the water temperature so again it is important to speak to a local surf shop or surf school in order to get the right advice.

Choose the right waves when learning how to surf

When you are learning how to surf it is important that you choose the best waves for a beginner surfer. You will be looking for a slightly longer and flatter type of wave to make standing up and catching a wave a bit easier. If you paddle out at a steeper or more advanced wave it will not be a very fun experience and can even result in injury.

Never go surfing by yourself

One of the golden rules for surfers is to never go surfing alone especially when there is no one else out. Surfing is a sport that has many variables and even the most advanced surfers can get into serious situations. In order to stay as safe as possible, you need to make sure you always surf with someone else or at least at a beach with lifeguards and other surfers.

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