best type of surfboard for Cape Town’s waves?

Many surfers coming to visit Cape Town wonder what is the best surfboard for Cape Town’s waves, this is mainly for surfers who need a one board quiver or tourists that might not know what Cape Town’s waves have to offer.

Top surfboard shapes in Cape Town

In order to find the best type of surfboard for surfing in Cape Town, you need to know the difference between certain surfboard shapes and why one would be better than the other. Below is a list of the most common surfboards found in Cape Town. 
  • Longboard or Minimal, If you are a beginner or surfer that prefers the longboard style of surfing then you will be able to surf almost every day in Cape Town as the waves usually knee to head high at the majority of our beaches.
  • Fish, whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer the fish is a great option. You will be able to surf almost every day at nearly every beach without a problem. The fish surfboard can be longer and wider for beginners allowing for stability or shorter and thinner allowing advanced surfers looking to do turns.
  • Performance, If you are looking at surfing good waves only then the performance board is meant for you. You will struggle to find a wave to surf every day but usually, you will find a perfect wave and paddle out with confidence on a more performance shaped surfboard. 

Best type of surfboard for Muizenberg

The best type of board to surf Muizenberg would be a surfboard with a bit more volume like a longboard, minimal or fish surfboard. The reason these are considered the best kind of surfboard shapes for Muizenberg is that the volume will help you catch softer waves and make surfing flatter sections much easier. Occasionally you see advanced surfers with small boards but this is very challenging for your everyday surfer

Best type of surfboard for Big Bay

Most often the waves at Big Bay, Blouberg area are a little steeper than the waves at Muizenberg. If you are looking for the best kind of surfboard to surf Big Bay or Blouberg we would recommend a hybrid fish or performance surfboard shape. If you are still learning how to surf or are at the early stages of your surfing career a longer board will suffice as there are always flatter sections further down the beach. If you want to surf more performance waves you can look at Melkbosstrand, these waves will be better suited to advanced surfers.

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