Can Surfing Cause Tennis Elbow?

Have you ever wondered if surfing can cause tennis elbow? Well the answer is simple, yes. Many surfers and water sport enthusiasts struggle with elbow pain from paddling, sore wrist from surfing, Sup tendonitis and more. We will cover all the relevant info you need to prevent or rehab your tennis elbow from surfing.

Can surfing cause tennis elbow / surfers elbow?

Is Surfers Elbow The Same As Tennis Elbow

Surfers elbow is basically the exact same injury as Tennis elbow. Both are extremely uncomfortable and caused by repetitive and strenuous movements that damage your elbow over time. As surfers we use the term “surfers elbow” as the main reason for this injury is strenuous paddling that goes hand in hand with the sport we all know and love.

How Can You Prevent Surfers Elbow? 

There are a few things that can help prevent surfers’ elbows. Such as surfers elbow stretches and surfers elbow exercises that will develop strength and mobility needed to decrease elbow pain from paddling or sore wrists from surfing.

Surfers Elbow Stretches

Often surfers neglect stretching before a session. We understand when waves are pumping all you want to do is get out there! However, stretching is super important to prevent all types of injuries not just surfers elbow or sore wrists from surfing. You should follow these tennis elbow/golfers elbow stretches to help rehab or prevent any elbow pain from paddling. 


Surfers Elbow Exercises 

Sometimes the best way to prevent injuries such as tennis/golfers elbow while surfing is to strengthen the muscles that are under constant strain. Ever heard the term “strong things don’t break”. These surfers elbow exercises will help prevent all types of injuries such as sore wrists while surfing and even sup tendonitis.


Sufficient Breaks 

The next tip we have to prevent or rehab surfers elbow is to allow the muscles to rest. All surfers can be guilty of overtraining a muscle when those perfect days are here. It is important to note that your body needs time off to recover and get stronger and therefore you should always make use of lay days or be aware of your injury on the longer sessions. 


Can You Still Surf With Surfers/Tennis Elbow?

Depending on how bad your injury is, determine if you can or can’t surf. Most of the time the elbow pain you feel from paddling is caused by not stretching or overuse of the muscle which does not take very long to heal. If it is a more long term injury your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatories but the root of the problem will not disappear until you have given it enough time to rest. 

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