Ever Wondered What Muscles Surfing Works?

The muscles that work while surfing are primarily upper body muscle groups such as triceps, biceps, lats and shoulders. Various things come in play when this topic is discussed such as the type of board you are surfing and how hard you are paddling, however, it is no surprise that surfing is a good workout.

What is paddle power and what muscles are involved?

As surfers, we all know what our upper bodies feel like after a decent session. This might get you wondering “what muscles does surfing work? or Does surfing build muscle?” These are valid questions as one does not realise how vigorous paddling can be when the wave of the day is peeling in. 

Paddling is one of the best exercises a person can do in order to tone and strengthen the muscles in your back and arms. This is the reason it takes time to get “surf fit” because being big and buff does not correlate to being strong and efficient in the water. This is the same reason kids and smaller people that are competent surfers can paddle circles around a muscular beginner surfer. 

Once you are surf fit it will become easier to paddle to the backline and continuously catch waves without having to rest and recover your muscles. The short bursts of paddle power will work your muscles while surfing and in-tern grow back stronger. 

Does Surfing Help You Get Ripped, And What Muscles Does Surfing Work?

Surfing can help you get ripped and many people have sone surfing body transformations, but you would have to incorporate some other exercise with it. Surfing is great for toning muscles and losing weight which is very important for looking ripped, but if you are looking to take your physique to the next level you will have to ensure you are doing some kind of weight training. 

If you want to achieve a balanced look I would recommend using weights to build your lower body as surfing is predominately an upper body workout. We spend most of our time paddling around waiting for a wave and only a few seconds on each wave, therefore, you would have to do separate leg training to get ripped from surfing.

Healthy Surf Lifestyle

If you have been wondering “what muscles does surfing work?” because you are wanting a body like pro surfers it is important to note that surfers lifestyles and diets are very clean and healthy. If you are wanting to look similar you will have to adopt a similar approach towards your lifestyle.

Some of the best diets in the world in order to maintain lean muscle mass are from surf diets. The clean/raw style of eating is the most important part of getting into shape through surfing. You will be able to follow a clean surf diet for whatever style of food you choose to eat whether it is vegan, keto or anything else.

Healthy surf diet to get muscles

Core and Flexibility 

Surfing will work on muscles as well as increase your core strength and flexibility. Surfers are very agile in nature and this is because of the amount of time they spend bending and balancing on their board. If you would like to take your body to the next level then stretching and core work will have to be implemented as well. 

This will help prevent injuries as well as improve your surfing as a whole because you will be more agile and have stronger core strength to stay on top of your surfboard. 

We hope to have answered all your questions about “What muscles does surfing work?” We are a surf school in Cape Town offering affordable surf lessons to people of all ages.